Pressed Purity Apricot Kernel Oil (250ml)


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Pressed Purity Apricot Kernel Oil (250ml)

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Apricot kernel oil is a healthy oil because it is high in mono-unsaturated fat and contains no trans-fatty acids. It can be used for high heat cooking methods, such sautéing and pan-frying, and the mild flavour, a nutty taste, will not overpower the other ingredients in salad dressings.

Origin: Australia

Extraction method: Extraction by the cold pressing of the apricot kernel. The cold pressed extraction method yields a higher quality oil (more vitamins, minerals etc) compared to extraction methods that use chemicals or heat.

Color: Slight Yellow

Aroma: Not noticeable scent

Benefits: It consists of a texture that is great for all skin types but is especially good for mature skin, sensitive skin and skin that is irritated, inflamed, has acne or is dry. Perfect as a basic carrier oil, rejuvenating and protecting to the skin. This product can be used to treat eczema and other itchy skin conditions. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 and E. It spreads well and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is absorbed slowly (between 20-50 minutes) this makes it great for whole body massage blends.

Common Uses: Apricot Kernel oil is a very popular carrier oil and is suitable for manufacturers, aroma therapists and massage therapists. Apricot kernel oil makes a wonderful massage oil for babies and adults and is used in creams, lotions, balms, and soaps, acne treatment creams, skin cleansers and peelers for sensitive skin, lip balms and anti-wrinkle products.

Absorption: Semi-oily. Absorbs into skin quickly, leaves very little to no oily residue.

Vitamins / Minerals / Lipids contained: Contains the fatty acids oleic and linoleic acid and is also high in vitamins A and E. Low in saturated fats.